Terms and Conditions

  • In the unlikely occurrence that the event has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers.
  • The entrants need to posses the tickets/bands to get a direct entry inside the venue for new year party in udaipur.
  • One ticket only permits entry for one person.
  • The guest/customer must carry a physical printout of the voucher/ticket/pass/package for the new year party 2017.
  • In case any vouchers/tickets/passes/packages are found to be tampered/faked, the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry for the best new year party in udaipur.
  • Re-entry from the same pass/ticket/voucher is strictly prohibited.
  • Guest/Visitors of the event are requested to co-operate for security checks at the entrance during the New year party.
  • Food and beverages from outside are not allowed inside the venue.
  • The complete right for entry for reserved with the event organizers.
  • The organizers are not entitled to the loss or theft of any personal belonging during the event.
  • They are also not responsible for holding any injury or damage that occurs to the guests/visitors during the event.
  • Guest/Visitors consuming narcotics or any other banned substance will be handed over to the security.
  • The organizers reserve all rights to the Event and may refuse admittance or may charge admission fees or ask you to leave the event at any time for any reason.
  • The organizer’s reserve all rights to the event and any misbehavior/misconduct/harassment will be taken seriously, and strict action will be taken upon the responsible person.
  • Parking outside the event premises is completely at the risk of the yours. The organizers do not hold any responsibility for theft or damage to any vehicles within the premises.
  • Subject to Udaipur Jurisdiction.
  • Venue rules apply in addition to the above and supersede the above in case of a conflict.
  • To avoid inconvenience, please reach the venue 1 hour before entry time.

Tickets available at (i) Celebration Mall, 3rd Floor Foodies Cafe (ii) Dosa Plaza, 100 ft Road, (iii) CAD(M) CAD(B) Mangalam Fun Square. Dismiss